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Act Natural Health & Wellness adds smoothie bar 

A smoothie bar was recently opened in Act Natural Health and Wellness, which is located at 24 Water Street in Torrington.

By Ben Lambert, The Register Citizen

Posted: 07/18/16, 2:00 AM EDT |

TORRINGTON >> Local residents have a new place to get a cool drink or cup of coffee, and share in the natural bounty of the region, as Act Natural Health and Wellness has added The Porch, a smoothie bar, to their offerings.

Pam Pinto, the owner of the establishment at 24 Water Street, said the new part of the store — which opened July 9 — had been warmly received by patrons.

“(The response has been) unbelievable,” said Pinto. “It’s really important to me and my family that we incorporate local, and the less that we get globally — and I know that things are great global— but for the whole local movement, and keeping our partners and our farmers supported, that is so important to me.

Ben Lambert - The Register Citizen- Customers chat during their visit           to Act Natural Health and Wellness, located at 24 Water Street in Torrington

And because we can do that, we can offer local, organic, fresh-batch everything at a much (lower) price, and know where it’s coming from,” she said. “So there’s accountability, we’re supporting our neighbors, we’re keeping each other in business.”

Among other local goods, Pinto said she is using greens from a local farm, and blueberries from a farm in Harwinton, in the smoothies. The new drink offering, as well as the store in general, provide local residents the opportunity to come together in fellowship, Pinto said.

“The Porch came to me because I wanted to be like Mayberry or Little House on the Prairie, where you’re going to go and gather as a community and you’re going help one another,” said Pinto. “So, show me what you make, and I’ll support you, and you support me — and together we can teach the community that you can get affordable, clean, organic, healthy things right here ... that’s really important to me.”

The drinks are made-to-order, she said, and patrons can craft a drink to suit their tastebuds or their needs. Among the options for visitors are a variety of organic fruits, juices, and dairy products, almond milk, coconut water, probiotic and protein shots, and kombuncha. Italian sodas and mineral water are also available.

“A jasmine kombucha berry smoothie is delicious,” said Pinto. “We can do just whatever you want, because everything’s fresh and we’ve got it all right here.”

The two-year anniversary of the store was celebrated on July 10, Pinto said.

“I have a base of customers that are friends, and we actually do things socially together — so we’re becoming the community that I always envisioned,” said Pinto. “I love Torrington; I love what Water Street has become — it’s just amazing to me since two years. We see the progress, and how it’s come alive. So I’m really excited.”

Classes on how to make kombucha or kefer, among other topics, are taught at the store, Pinto said, and patrons can order organic fruits and vegetables from local farms.

Jessica Kelsey, a customer at the store, shared how much she enjoyed and learned from the establishment.

“When you come in here, you get so much information imparted into you — from everything to how to heal your dog to how to heal yourself,” said Kelsey. “Coming in here to get a smoothie, I’m paying for a smoothie, but I’m walking out with hundreds of dollars worth of information.”

More information about The Porch can be found on its dedicated Facebook page. More information about the store as a whole can be found at its website —

Ben Lambert covers Torrington and surrounding areas for The Register Citizen. Reach the author at or follow Ben on Twitter: @WLambertRC.

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