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Our Cleansing Fresh Pressed Juice package includes 6 organic, freshly prepared beverages                                           Order all 6 juices for your healthy, daily detox, or pick your favorite! A single, 16oz serving of any juice is $6.99 a bottle!

Morning Green Detox Juice

Apple, celery, cucumber, dandelion, arugula, ginger & lemon

This potent medley of leafy greens and apple consists of unusual superfoods that one does not normally consume, the Detox Greens Juice packs a powerful punch that will leave you revitalized and your mind rejuvenated. Treat your body and mind to everything it has been missing out on all at once by drinking a Detox Greens Juice.


Minty Pineapple & Apple Juice

This tropical treasure is a simple mixture of ingredients will work to cleanse your body to balance the blood’s pH, strengthen your immune system, and reduce inflammation. Both high in vitamin C and bromelein, and live enzymes. Mint leaves work to sooth nasal congestion and line your digestive tract.

Nature’s Dessert Juice

Apple, celery, cucumber, green kale, spinach, chard, romaine lettuce, ginger, lemon

Our Dessert Juice contains a cleansing mix of green vegetables combined to gently detoxify your gut, rehydrate your cells, and revitalize your mind through essential nutrients, live enzymes, and trace minerals. Drink this chlorophyll-rich green juice instead of having a mid afternoon coffee as a healthy pick me up.
Get Rooted Vegetable Juice

Apple, carrot, beet, lemon, ginger

Root Veggies improve liver function and blood health. Rich in phytonutrients, antioxidants, and minerals, the Get Rooted Vegetable Juice acts as a health tonic. Ginger is an anti-inflammatory boosting ingredient that sooths your digestive system as you undergo your cleanse program. Rich in vitamin A, which boosts eye health as well as complexion, this mixture will revive your senses naturally. Beets are a robust antioxidant and an anti-inflammatory go-to.


Coconut water has the ability to re-hydrate you very quickly because it is readily absorbed into the body. In fact, coconut water is recognized as more hydrating than pure water. Coconut water is almost identical to human blood plasma, and was used for transfusions during World War ll. During your cleanse, CocoLyte will keep your body hydrated, and it contains more potassium than eating four bananas! The mineral salts naturally occurring in coconut water speed up the absorption of water through the gut wall.

Hot Lemonade

Lemon, cayenne pepper, sweetened with honey or coconut nectar by request

Don't wrinkle your nose---it's surprisingly good! The zing of the pepper actually heightens the sweetness and fresh lemon flavor. Lemon and cayenne pepper are one powerhouse duo with serious health benefits. They're both great at giving the body's detoxification systems, digestion, and metabolism a helping hand. The vitamin C in lemon transforms toxins into digestible material.

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