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California is Fighting 50,000 New 5G Cell Towers Linked to Cancer Risk. Bills in THESE States Will Permit Their Installation in YOUR Backyard.

Modern technology brings new health hazards with many of its innovations. Chasing the next big thing, it often comes out before it is properly studied, and any health concerns are swept under a rug over the pursuit of money.

One of the major technology movements right now is toward completely wireless and incredibly fast cellular devices. It seems what we have should be enough, and yet, the mobile giants are not satisfied.

Right now, most cellular users have adapted to their smartphones and the 4G system of broadband cellular network. What some may not know is that to make this happen, every U.S. carrier had to install their own cell phone towers and antennas. As of right now, there are 666,418 towers and 1,923,088 antennas in the country (Texas and California lead the way, having the most of them out of all states).

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Where does Connecticut stand?

Here is a link to a podcast where I was interviewed in CT on 5G. CT's governor, Ned Lamont, just signed the first state-wide 5G promotion bill in the country. This podcast interviewer was hearing this information for the first time and did a decent job of balance. Hopefully he will do subsequent shows on the subject. CT is certainly in serious 5G play now and for a small state, effects will likely be seen faster here. Podcast is @ 30 min.

Blake Levitt

SB 536 proposes an established statewide plan for building new small cell towers in the public right of way. The bills would give the public some voice. Verizon opposes this bill. According to, as of  5/9/2017 the bill has been tabled.

5G and the FCC — Ten Reasons Why You Should Care

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