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Does CBD help when tapering off of benzodiazepines or opioids? 
Life on Benzos & More ~ A Healing Journey (Part VI)

Please follow my posts as I continue on with my healing journey. If you care, please share to help raise awareness of the potential dangers of benzodiazepines and more. 

This question was raised in one of the on-line support groups where I am a member. Here is my response -

It has been my experience when using CBD with my 81yo mother that the CBD helped with nausea, tremors, terror, rage, and insomnia. It totally depends on the distributor. I tried the CBD/THC and she totally went into psychosis.

I dosed her as needed with pretty potent CBD. I have a health store and so I am able to talk to my distributors. I settled on only four distributors for their purity. I don't do anything with flavors or olive oil as the carrier oil. I only use distributors that use organic hemp with O2 extraction grown in Europe, but you have to be careful which country.

Along with the CBD I added in some central nervous system healing herbs such as motherwort, passionflower, and rose essence. I use them as tinctures. Rose essence was used before antidepressants were ever introduced on the market. I upped her minerals and electrolytes too, and took her off of gluten. I noticed when she was "accidentally" given anything with gluten it would trigger a psychotic episode. I had an entire protocol of supplements I used with her for things like cognitive function, healing her gut from four bleeding ulcers, kidney failure, A-fib, type II diabetes, broken bones, and ulcerative colitis. My poor mother suffered every day from benzo symptoms, and when she broke her arm the ER doctor added an opioid to her cocktail.

Unfortunately, my mother has drug induced dementia, and once the brain has been injured I don't know how likely it will be to see her short term memory return. I have been successful in taking her off of every single prescription drug except for a water pill. No more high blood pressure, the CBD helps with that, no more type II. They wanted to give her a pacemaker but I insisted no anesthesia and I put her on supplements to support the heart and once they infused her with magnesium, the heart started beating regularly again. Keeping the brain busy is very important too.

I am not a doctor and I am not suggesting anybody try any vitamin, supplement, mineral or anything else without first talking to their doctor or healthcare professional. I am simply just sharing what has helped my mother.

This is truly a crime against humanity.

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