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Notary Public Services 

Pam is a certified Notary Public. Bring your legal documents to Act Natural for any notary services!

Act Natural Health & Wellness is extending store hours. We are following the CDC's recommendation for social distancing and sanitizing.

Curbside pick-up is available. 
Call 860-482-8477 to place and pre-pay for your order. Call when you arrive and we will bring your order outside!

FREE Delivery
Can't get out? No problem. We are offering FREE delivery to Torrington CT residents with a minimum $25.00 purchase.

Have a question, need a product, give us a call! This is just one way we can help and thank the community for their support over the past 6 years.

Herbs & Spices
Essential Oils
Loose herbs and herbal teas.
CBD capsules, tinctures, body butter, ointment, lip balm, paste, gummies, chewing gum, chocolate bars, and terpenes infused with CBD.
Protein powders.
Bodycare - bar soap, liquid soap, lotions, deodorant, scents
Sage, ear candles, incense sticks, herbal mists and deodorizers.
Laundry detergent, bathroom cleaners, dish soap
We also carry a full line of gluten free products -
Deland Oat Bread & Buns
Cereal hot & cold
Jasmine Rice
Tri-colored heirloom popcorn

Canned Beans & Vegetables
Frozen non-dairy ice-cream and sorbet
Vegan cheese & butter
Coconut Milk
Powdered Goat Milk
Cheese - Smoked Mozzarella & Cheddar (more to come)
Mountain Valley Sparkling & Spring water
Coconut Water plain, mango & guava
Variety of juices and beverages

We make fresh fruit all organic smoothies in 12 & 16 oz. sizes. Why not add a Berry Blast or Tropical Treasure to your order! Can't get out and need a cup of coffee? We can add coffee, tea or a cup of Teeccino to your order too!


Booda Butter

Spread the Love from head to toe!

Booda Butter is made by hand in small batches with raw ingredients. Spread on dry skin, face, hair, lips, cuticles, massage, wrinkles, stretch marks and so much more!

Soothes and Moisturizes
• Increases moisture, elasticity, and softness
• Decreases signs of aging and over-exposure
• Encourages a smooth, even-textured glow
• Restores health, youthfulness and natural beauty
• Nourishes skin with vitamins, minerals & fatty-acids

Certified Organic • Non-GMO • Cruelty-Free • Vegan • Hypoallergenic • Wax-Free • 100% Pure • No Added Fragrance • Soy, Bee & Gluten Free 
Handmade with Love

Looking for some healthy recipes? Click here to go to our Recipe page. We are just starting our collection, but mmm, yummy Coconut oil blueberry muffins, Paleo brownies, Quiche mini muffins and vegetarian chili are a good place to start!

Have a recipe we might like? Email it to us!

Act Natural wants to help you through the COVID-19 crisis, so we will be open with extended hours. Call us at 860-482-8477 for curbside pickup service or delivery to local Torrington residents (minimum purchase $25)                                                        Immune Support Smoothie! Order an organic fruit smoothie and ask for a FREE shot of Eidon Immune Support!

    Our Store                        

24 Water Street, Torrington, CT 06790

Store Hours

Act Natural is extending our
store hours.

Special Hours 

Mon  12:30pm - 3:30pm 

Tues - Friday 11:00am - 5:00pm
10:30am - 3:00pm

Act Natural Health & Wellness offers a wide variety of supplements, vitamins, herbs, homeopathic remedies, natural hair and skin care and beauty products, as well as natural pet care.

Update on Elderberry and COVID-19  

From Gaia Herbs:
"Recently, concerns have been raised that Elderberry can potentially stimulate what is commonly called a cytokine storm or cytokine release syndrome (CRS). CRS was considered a major source of fatalities during the SARS epidemic, and some are reporting that we may see similar outcomes with COVID-19. 

With so much misinformation out there, it can be challenging to determine what is legitimate information and which sources are reliable. Learn from our Formulation Manager, Susan Hirsch, and Chief Scientist & VP of Scientific Affairs, Dr. Jeremy Stewart, about cytokines and how there is currently no validated correlation between Elderberry and COVID-19".... Read More

 Ask Me About CBD  

Act Natural Health & Wellness carries a wide array of CBD products, from drops, balms, salves, capsules to edibles like gummies, cookies, chewing gum, and chocolate bars!

All our CBD products are the highest quality you can find. Call us or come in and ask us about CBD!

   New! CBD Tea!   


Once you've made the choice to incorporate CBD into your life as a way to generate better health, you want to make sure you aren't pouring your investment down the drain. Since oil and water don't mix, it's important to choose a CBD Tea that's as bioavailable as possible. Because Buddah Tea CBD is processed in a way that takes the oil and makes it into a powder, when you drink these water-soluble CBD Teas, using only bleach-free tea bags, you're receiving a bioavailable experience you can count on.

Choose from Chamomile, Tulsi & Ashwaganda, Mushroom Defense, Matcha Green, Turmeric & Ginger or Peppermint, now 10% off!

*All varieties of our CBD Teas have been tested to contain zero percent THC.

New! Organic Rumiano Cheese!

Rumiano Cheese innovates on many fronts, mostly on the organic/natural business. They were the first Non-GMO Project verified cheese to hit the market. The ingredients used in the Rumiano Family Organic line are all organic, Non-GMO Project Verified, and the milk is from grass-fed year around dairies with 250-300 days of pasture time per year. Try medium cheddar, smoked mozzarella or grated 
romano (or all three!)

 Thayers Slippery Elm Lozenges 

Open up and say “Ahhhhh.” 
A source of oral relief since 1847, Thayers original Slippery Elm Lozenges deliver healing, protective, natural comfort to the throat and mouth without menthol – and they’re vegan-friendly!


 Save the Girls    


Is there a link between cell phone placement and breast cancer?
What you Need to Know:
1. Cellphones are two-way microwave radios that should not be kept directly on the body.
2. The soft fatty tissue of the breast readily absorbs this radiation.
3. Case Reports are accumulating of young women with no family history getting a diagnosis of breast cancer. The tumors were unusually located directly underneath the skin where they placed their cell phones in their bra.

4. Doctors voice this precautionary advice: Women should not store their cell phones in their bra.

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