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We're not just about vitamins and supplements! Act Natural has hand crafted jewelry and gifts, organic chocolates, unique body care products, books, coffees, teas, gift certificates and so 
much more!
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Dr. Rick Araya-Chiropractor
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Thursday, May 3rd
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Looking for some healthy recipes? Click here to go to our Recipe page. We are just starting our collection, but mmm, yummy Coconut oil blueberry muffins, Paleo brownies, Quiche mini muffins and vegetarian chili are a good place to start!

Have a recipe we might like? Email it to us!

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The "food miles" - the distance food travels from where it is grown to your local supermarket is significantly reduced when it comes to farmers markets. Food in the U.S. travels an average of 1,500 miles to get to your kitchen table. Produce from your community farmers market is usually local and fresh picked that day! Not only a healthy alternative, but less expensive and good for the environment.
Act Natural Health & Wellness, 24 Water Street, Torrington CT. 06790
24 Water Street, Torrington CT
Wheat Grass Juicers at Act Natural

Act Natural carries the Healthy Juicer Wheatgrass juicer, a simple to use, easy to clean and affordable juicer to start your new, healthy life. True cold-press juicing technology, keeps those precious enzymes alive and ready to be absorbed!

Get the daily health and beauty benefits from this remarkable plant, and from all leafy greens With the Healthy Juicer! 

Did you know about Wheat Grass?
First Thursday Healing Open House! The first Thursday of every month from 1-6:30pm, we offer reiki, healing touch, tarot, chakra healing and more!                  Dr. Rick is moving to Tuesdays! Join us the first two Tuesdays of every month for Chiropractic adjustments with Dr. Rick, Chair Massage and Reiki!                                         Brrrrr! Baby it's cold outside, but it's warm on The Porch! Like Hale & Hearty Soups? We've got 'em! Vegan White Bean Lentil, Chili and Butter Nut Squash. Warm up for lunch today!                                 Act Natural now carries top quality CBD oil for everyday healthy living!

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Snacks and Protein bars
24 Water Street, Torrington, CT 06790
[email protected]

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Thursday 11:00am - 7:00pm
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Act Natural Health & Wellness offers a wide variety of supplements, vitamins, herbs, homeopathic remedies, natural hair and skin care and beauty products, as well as natural pet care.

We take HSA insurance cards

 Special Event!   

Join us Wednesday, July 11th 2018 for the “Walk~~Run For Your Life” event in support of W-BAD, World Benzodiazepine Awareness Day. For more information, to sign up for this event or to volunteer, contact Pam at [email protected]

  CBD Oil   

At Act Natural you will find CBD tinctures and oils, suppositories, capsules and ointments. We also offer edibles like gummies, chewing gum, chocolate and gluten free granola bars.

Whether you are looking for a top quality CBD oil for everyday healthy living or a stronger extract, we offer a variety of products for your needs. We carry the highest quality organic CBD oil available.

Our CBD products are all PPA (Pam Pinto Approved)!   

Endoca offers CBD for your every need. Their hemp oil is completely free of any volatile solvent residues and is the purest, high-quality hemp oil you can find.

Unlike other manufacturers who source their hemp from China or make their CBD products from the leftovers of the hemp fibre industry, all Endoca products are organically produced. The hemp used is grown organically in Denmark, a country renowned for their high standards in soil care and low levels of pollution.  

Endoca is one of the few companies to be awarded a GMP certificate.

Hot Soups on The Porch!

It's cold outside, but Act Natural has hot soup! Not just any soup, but Hale and Hearty soups! Each Thursday, Friday and Saturday a different soup-vegan white bean lentil or butternut squash. Oh, and not only soups, but vegan chili (which makes a great taco salad). Come down and see what's on the stove today!

Hale and Hearty makes their soups 100% from scratch in their Brooklyn kitchen with homemade stock, local ingredients, and absolutely no added preservatives. Each soup is started with fresh, natural produce cut the day it's cooked, and simmered into their soups, chowder and chili. Hale and Hearty believes in making soup that's not only delicious, but creates a moment of comfort in the day—it's to be savored.

Hungry? Healthy lunch options include salads with organic baby greens topped with our signature basil balsamic vinaigrette, Overnight Oats, Coconut Cream Berry Parfait, Energy Truffles and Oat Bread toast sandwich with sunflower or almond butter. 

Looking for a coffee drink? We have small batch, hand roasted, fair trade organic coffee, cappuccino, espresso and latte, as well as herbal teas.

Of course, we serve organic, real fruit smoothies, kombucha, our own secret recipe lavender lemonade, and organic sodas! Check out The Porch page for our complete menu.  

Gift Baskets

holiday gift basket

Make Your Gift Giving Special!

Any time is the perfect time to get a gift basket for friends and family. Choose from healthy foods, snacks and candies, coffees and herbal teas, aromatherapy candles, books  
and so much more!

Call 860~482~8477 to order your specialty gift basket from Act Natural!

 Save the Girls    


Is there a link between cell phone placement and breast cancer?
What you Need to Know:
1. Cellphones are two-way microwave radios that should not be kept directly on the body.
2. The soft fatty tissue of the breast readily absorbs this radiation.
3. Case Reports are accumulating of young women with no family history getting a diagnosis of breast cancer. The tumors were unusually located directly underneath the skin where they placed their cell phones in their bra.

4. Doctors voice this precautionary advice: Women should not store their cell phones in their bra.

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